Words Matter. Conversations Matter More. Actions Matter Most.

Let’s talk about how media companies, businesses and people are transforming, how we can break through all the noise and who is standing up and apart. Join us for a conversation that matters, highlighting actions that unite us and move us forward on the path to equality.

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Unpacking Where LGBTQIA Identity Meets The Workplace

Let’s get ready for Pride Month! Join us as we explore the keys to creating inclusive spaces where LGBTQIA individuals can truly flourish, whether they express their identity boldly or seek supportive environments. Together we’ll unpack the transformative power of allyship as we unravel the triumphs, challenges, and groundbreaking conversations shaping the LGBTQIA work experience.

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Leading by Design: Why Women Creatives are the Heartbeat of an Organization

Brand ethos, core values and mission are more important to consumers than ever before, and the responsibility to convey these intangibles rests largely on Design departments. Who better to lead this critical work than women? Join us as we talk with some of the most formidable women in design who will determine how the future

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Celebrating Cultural Months & Days Honorably

With Black History Month in February transitioning to Women’s History Month in March, we are seeing how companies and brands are trying to better balance their commitment to equality and the marketing of these milestones to both internal and external audiences. With Asian Pacific Islander Month in May, Pride Month in June and Juneteenth coming

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Aligning Corporate Purpose with Marketing Success

Join thought leaders from brand marketing, agencies, and media publishers as they share the value and importance of connecting brand equity to a clearly defined purpose. Our panelists will delve into the need for authenticity when communicating brand purpose and the importance of aligning marketing efforts with partners whose brands share similar values.

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A New Era of Corporate Responsibility Has Arrived — How Do Leaders Adapt?

As many consumers increasingly expect brands to be socially conscious, today’s business leaders face an unprecedented amount of responsibility and scrutiny. Now, more than ever, CSR plays a critical role in a company’s brand perception, impacts talent retention, and influences overall business success. Join us as we explore how leaders across organizations are driving change

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Let’s Talk Quiet Quitting: Real Solutions to Address the Real Challenge

When the concept of “quiet quitting” first emerged in the cultural conversation around the Great Resignation, it caused an uproar. While some criticized the phenomenon and labeled its supporters as lazy, others argued that it’s simply the opposite of burning out. Rather than debate the topic, leaders should consider how we can create its opposite:

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