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Research: Asynchronous Work Can Fuel Creativity

The vast majority of scholars and practitioners believe that working synchronously is essential for creativity. With the rise of remote work and flexible work schedules, however, team members can often collaborate on the same project without being in the same time zone — much less the same office. When team members contribute to a joint

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After Testing Four-Day Week, Companies Say They Don’t Want to Stop

In one of the largest trials of a four-day week to date, 61 British businesses ranging from banks to fast-food restaurants to marketing agencies gave their 2,900 workers a paid day off a week to see whether they could get just as much done while working less, but more effectively. More than 90% said they

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Human Experience and the Hybrid Workplace

A conversation between LinkedIn co-founder Allen Blue and Mimi Turner, head of EMEA at LinkedIn’s B2B Institute, about culture and creativity in the era of remote work and AI.

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No More Fridays

A real-world experiment just proved that we should all shift to a four-day workweek. The results are in: It’s time for your company to stop working on Fridays (or Mondays).

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