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Companies That Replace People with AI Will Get Left Behind

Companies are integrating AI into their operations so quickly that job losses are likely to mount before the gains arrive. White-collar workers might be especially vulnerable in the short-term. The speed of this adoption presents an opportunity for companies to step up their pace of innovation, however — and if enough companies to go on

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AI For Good: How Artificial Intelligence Is Eliminating —Not Exacerbating—Social Inequalities

Many of today’s headlines call out the risks, shortfalls and ethical issues surrounding artificial intelligence, namely its potential for bias around race, gender, nationality and age. It’s easy to let the headlines bury the immense opportunities within AI to support underserved communities and provide them with new access to historically out-of-reach resources; the power of

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Your Data Strategy Needs to Include Everyone

An entirely new “management paradigm” for data is needed. It needs to incorporate corporate culture, relationships with universities and vendors, policy, and anything else that advances, or holds back the effective use of data. The new paradigm employs a more pervasive and integrated approach to using data, analytics, and AI in the business

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How AI Will Impact The Next Generation Workforce

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made a significant impact in the last few years, and AI has the potential to significantly impact the next generation of workers in both a positive and negative way as AI continues to become more progressive.

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Yes, the Metaverse Is Still Happening

While artificial intelligence continues to dominate headlines and the metaverse has seemingly been sidelined by Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to shift focus from the metaverse to AI, it’s important to note that it is still as relevant as ever. Virtual representation is used by thousands of planners, product engineers, facility managers, and lean experts who can

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Building AI with Inclusivity and Equality in Mind

Artificial intelligence is often assumed to be a cure-all for bias, but algorithm bias, which originates from incomplete training or the input of flawed data, is persuasive in the tech community. If left unchecked, it can have a deep impact on women and underrepresented communities. As algorithms continue to take over many aspects of our

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Technology for Good

In a post-pandemic world, consumers are increasingly searching for opportunities to invest in purpose-driven, innovative technology. In turn, tech focused companies are now reevaluating how product adoption allows users to purposefully connect and prioritize their wellness. In this conversation, we will uncover the steps that companies and leaders are taking to improve the relationship with

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