Women Supporting Women

Women Supporting Women: Is this a Myth, Reality or Somewhere In Between?

A woman alone has power. Together we have impact. How do we ensure that women are supporting each other cross-culturally? Join us as we bring together women from different cultures who have stories of support to share and watch-outs for all allies as they navigate female friendships in the workplace and beyond.

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Female Friendships: The Power Bond Uplifting and Energizing Today’s Top Leaders

Networking is often the gateway for women to achieve new business opportunities, and even widen their professional and social circles. But what happens when these networking ties are built from a foundation of genuine friendship, support and connection? In this session, today’s leaders will take a deep look at the power of female friendships and

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The Unequal Rewards of Peer Support at Work

But the real story is that the type of support women offer (mostly emotional and esteem support) vs. what men offer (mostly career advice and instrumental support) is less valued by organizations … particularly in performance assessments. Just as those who support the needs of others should be rewarded, those who undermine or disparage colleagues

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Bringing the Industry Together to Advance DEI with OOH UNITED

OOH UNITED was established as the impetus for advancing a culture of inclusion throughout the out-of-home industry. Each letter of the word UNITED represents a pillar of success used to build a strong, safe, and harmonious foundation for inclusion: Understand, Nurture, Involve, Transform, Engage, and Develop. Join us as we hear from industry experts from

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The Resilience Reset: Tips for Women in Career Transition

What happens when you bring a group of women together to support each other? You engage the Power of the Pack! We’re opening up our community conversation series with a real-talk session on the recent layoffs, the impact on women, and how we can best support each other during these times. Our community will come

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Not Lonely at the Top: How Female Friendships Ensure Retention and Boost Happiness

Leadership can be a lonely place, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s a common assumption that because female leaders are in charge and there are so few of them, they must operate in isolation and conceal their emotions. But friendships are essential to executive success; studies have shown that leaders with strong friendships perform

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