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Rolodex Redux: How Closing the Networking Gap Will Land Women Better Jobs, Faster

Men add an average of 26% more LinkedIn connections than women each month. This marked networking gender gap begets a bigger opportunity gap; women have smaller networks to tap when job searching and are less likely to land speaking engagements or invitations to events. But women are super-connectors and brilliant builders of long-term personal connections

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Having an Opportunity Mindset in this Ever Evolving Job Market

Tech industry layoffs have been trending on LinkedIn for weeks and at the same time, research shows that hundreds of thousands of jobs have been added to the marketplace. Women are already disproportionately in the tech industry, and now with thousands of layoffs, how can we continue to ensure progress for women in tech? In

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Fueling Growth: Creative Business Transformation

With new technology, cultural, political and pandemic-related shifts fueling desire for new solutions to drive efficient growth, businesses face an emerging creativity gap. Businesses who choose to fill this gap have an opportunity to distinguish their brands, to generate massive growth, and to transform. Join us to discuss how speed, agility, and a creative mindset

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Breaking Generational Ceilings

We’re all too familiar with the proverbial glass ceiling. But some of today’s most recognizable, high-powered women had to first overcome another invisible barrier: a generational ceiling. Join us for a panel conversation as we explore the role of generational cycles in shaping our trajectories and how women are overcoming them to reach new levels

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