A Step In History: How Juneteenth Inspired Global Equality and Impact

Although Juneteenth is recognized as a day to commemorate the freedom of Black Americans, it is also one of the earliest steps toward equality. Recently, mainstream media and corporations have widely recognized the importance of monumental cultural moments, while some miss the mark with empty, performative Black History Month and Juneteenth marketing campaigns. Join us

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Being Unapologetic: The Key to Getting There and Staying There

What does it look like to create and to find your space in what can sometimes feel like a sea of sameness? Hear from leaders with diverse experiences who are getting candid about the intersection of their personal and professional journeys to making an impact while bringing their full selves to their work.

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Women Taking on the World’s Greatest Challenges

From a historic women led revolution in Iran to humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine, and in every country in between, women leaders are on the frontlines of change— taking on and chipping away at the world’s greatest challenges. They are our greatest hope for achieving the UN Global Goals and creating a more peaceful world,

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United for Ukraine: Taking Action that Makes Enduring Impact

The war in Ukraine has sparked a rippling conversation about how surrounding countries can spread awareness and advocate for change. In this session, leaders will share how we can continue to uplift Ukraine through crises and take action, especially through empowering female-led initiatives.

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