Investing in Diverse Voices: A Roadmap to Brand Participation

The largest brands and agency holding companies have recognized the need to invest in culturally diverse content. But here’s the harsh truth: simply pledging money isn’t enough. The real challenge lies in building the necessary infrastructure to support independent publishers that lack resources and technology. Marketers must break free from their outdated processes and unlock

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Mom On The Job: Unpacking Your Unpaid & Invisible Labor At Work

Unpaid labor is the ultimate glass ceiling for women in the workplace. From the emotional labor that women are expected to perform to the invisible work that keeps the office alive, we’ll examine the ways in which women push back against under-compensated contributions at work.

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Research: The Complicated Effects of Pay Transparency

Empirical studies suggest that pay transparency may lower compensation overall, even as it removes inequities. It may also in some circumstances compromise employee productivity and affect companies’ ability to attract and retain high performers. Perhaps more dangerously, it skews employees to favor a specific aspect of performance over others, weakening the organization’s performance overall. How

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