Gender Equality in Marketing: Progress is Possible.

With the state of gender equality remaining stagnant in the marketing industry, what are some of the biggest brands and companies doing to change the equation? Join us as we talk to innovative leaders who are making progress in gender equality both internally and externally as they share the impact their authentic marketing and cultural

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TV Finally Gets the ‘Beta Husband’ Right

It used to be that TV husbands who stayed home while their wives worked were buffoons who couldn’t find their way around a diaper. More recently, they’ve improved at child-rearing, but paid the price with self-doubt and general emasculation. “The Diplomat” introduces a different kind of spouse: the power househusband

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Protecting DEI Progress When Budgets Are Tight

In the face of a strained macroeconomic environment, businesses are having to make tough decisions about how to spend their limited resources. This makes it a good time to ensure that DEI responsibilities are embedded into your core business processes and practices. The author offers three strategies to help: 1) Embed DEI into your annual

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Gender Gap Widens For Young Single Women Looking To Buy A Home

After growing to 28.6% by 2021, the homeownership rate for single women dropped to 24.5% last year, wiping out almost half the gains made since 2016, when single women’s homeownership was at an all-time low of 19.4%. At the same time, the homeownership rate for single men increased 2.7 percentage points in 2022 to 33.1%.

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Why Working Women are Austin-Bound

Female-founded startups in Austin have raised over $2.8 billion since early 2020, making it one of the top metros in the nation for women-owned businesses. At the same time, women in the corporate world with the new post-pandemic option to work remotely are relocating to the state’s capital. With its thriving tech scene, vibrant arts

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Women Who Soar: Leading the Transformation in Aviation

Women in aviation are leading the way forward, from pilots to astronauts to engineers to worldwide commanders of the aviation industry. Please join us as we discuss how women have piloted a new reality where they are finding success at the highest levels of aviation and what we can learn and apply to advance all

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