Reproductive Health Equity: A Push for Policy, Education and Change

Welcome to The Female Quotient and Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Virtual Guide on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights – what individuals, workers and companies should know for their health care and rights, and how to take action in support of essential health care access.

Planned Parenthood and The Female Quotient partnered to produce this evidence-based virtual and interactive guide to help you learn about the sexual and reproductive health care landscape and your rights. Through this guide, you will be able to educate yourself on the value of sexual and reproductive health care access, learn how to empower yourself and take action as an individual, through your workplace, and your community, to advance health equity. This guide contains Planned Parenthood’s leading sexual education and advocacy resources, notable resources from our reproductive rights and corporate partners, and calls to action to encourage systemic change.

This guide is intended for corporate leadership, business communities, employee groups and networks, workers to young people, who are interested in being better informed and in supporting equal reproductive rights for all people. The majority of this guide is based on Planned Parenthood proprietary external programming with The Female Quotient from 2020-2022, and includes notable quotes from corporate partners and Planned Parenthood staff.

We invite you to join us in a 18-minute journey to learn more, and hopefully to become a life-long health equity supporter!