Middle Management

Does Your Company Have a Culture of Quiet Retaliation?

Quiet forms of retaliation are incredibly common and can be contagious in the workplace. The organizations that accept this form of retaliation as a standard practice have difficulty hiring and retaining great people. Retaliation — in all its forms — not only harms current team members, but a culture that tolerates retaliation results in harm

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Why Conflicting Ideas Can Make Your Strategy Stronger

In a volatile, uncertain world, successful strategies are those conceived as portfolios of options rather than as roadmaps. But to successfully create and communicate such strategies, managers must embrace incompatible and misaligned ideas, communicate multiple and conflicting narratives, and share ideas as they think of them as opposed to the traditional sequence of thinking then

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4 Distractions that Derail Meetings — and How to Handle Them

Most of us have had the experience of attending a meeting that veered off course, leaving us feeling confused or like we wasted our time. But meetings don’t have to be time consuming, unproductive, or otherwise painful. Understanding a few common dysfunctional behaviors can help managers turn meetings to instruments for team success. The author

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A Leader’s Guide to Supporting Middle Managers

On the career ladder, middle management is where most women tend to get “stuck,” and according to new research from Harvard Business Review, middle managers also struggle to implement diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies. In this conversation, we’ll explore how senior leadership can support middle managers by keeping their needs top of mind in policy

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