Disability as a Source of Competitive Advantage

In recent years many companies have become sensitized to the value of diversity, equity, and inclusion. But in most organizations, DEI initiatives focus largely on gender and ethnicity. A group that has received less attention is people with disabilities, and that has led to disparities in the workplace. In the United Kingdom, for example, the

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Neurodiversity is Diversity: An Opportunity for Brands Today

Seventy million people in the United States have learning and thinking differences, like dyslexia and ADHD. But the world isn’t set up for them to thrive. Today, there is a growing need for brands to change how they work and take steps to be more inclusive of those who learn and think differently. So, how

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Who Do You See in New Technology? Bringing DEIA to the Front Screen

Whether it’s 5G, AI, or Web3, the technology ecosystem continues to advance in impressive ways. However, with this rapid turnover comes a greater need to ensure that those building and using the products are equally represented. In this discussion, we’ll explore what today’s tech leaders are doing to cultivate diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in

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Is Your Company Inclusive of Neurodivergent Employees? (2022)

The number of people with autism entering the workforce in the next ten years and beyond is rising, with the growth cutting across racial, ethnic, and geographic lines. Currently, the unemployment rate among people with autism remains high, with some estimates coming in at over 80%. The heightened profile of disability, equity, and inclusion functions

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