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Tearing Down the ‘Paper Ceiling’: How to Let Skilled Workers Shine!

50% of all workers in the U.S. face a “paper ceiling” – the invisible barrier that comes at every turn for workers without a bachelor’s degree. Join our C-suite panelists as they share how their organizations are evolving their hiring practices to remove biases, create a more inclusive workforce, and tap the talents of workers

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Creating Psychological Safety for Black Women at Your Company

Feelings of inclusion, connection, and trust with colleagues and managers are harder to come by for Black women due to the historical and sociocultural context of the U.S. workplace, and more broadly, our country. Research has shown that diverse teams need a foundation of psychological safety — the belief that everyone can pitch risky ideas

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How Brands Can Take Action in a World without Roe

Companies can drive culture. Workers and consumers alike want businesses to take a stand on social issues that are important to them. While some business leaders have taken a public stance on abortion access, others may be quiet supporters. The corporate world is finding that bold leadership is not only respected, but celebrated. Join us

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Overcome Resistance to DEI.

Majority-group members who resist DEI efforts typically do so because they experience those efforts as threatening. To overcome their resistance, you first need to determine what kinds of threat they’re experiencing (the most common forms being status threat, merit threat, and moral threat), and then what kinds of resistance they’re putting up in response (the

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To Make Lasting Progress on DEI, Measure Outcomes

To ensure that organizations make tangible and lasting progress on DEI goals, the author recommends three actions to take with regards to tracking metrics.1. Recognize the importance of outcomes beyond demographics. 2. Create a theory of change. 3. Use your data and findings to follow up.

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9 Trends That Will Shape Work in 2023 and Beyond

1. Quiet Hires. (internal talent mobility). 2. Hybrid flexibility will reach the front lines. 3. Managers will find themselves sandwiched between leader and employee expectations. 4. Pursuit of nontraditional candidates will expand talent pipelines. 5. Healing pandemic trauma will open the path to sustainable performance. 6. Organizations will drive DEI forward amid growing pushback. 7.

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