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Leading Out Loud: Why We Need to Elevate LGBTQ+ Leaders

Over 400 anti-LGBTQ bills were proposed globally in 2023 alone. When it comes to companies showing up for their LGBTQ+ employees, flying a rainbow flag is not going to cut it. Brands need to go beyond the pomp and circumstance and provide specific benefits for same-sex couples and transgender employees, establish employee resource groups and

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Women Do More Office Housework—Here’s How To Avoid It

Planning parties, ordering food and taking notes in meetings are just a few of the thankless tasks that women more often shoulder at work. Often called “office housework,” these responsibilities contribute to the smooth operation of the workplace but go unnoticed when it comes to promotions or pay raises. Fortunately, there are strategies to help

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Women Making the Call: What to Expect Next in Tech

Telecom has shaped a reality that allows us to connect with each other in unprecedented ways while offering quick, reliable service across sectors. But as technology is rapidly changing, how can we expect to interact with each other in the next few years? In this discussion, the women leading in telecom will share how they’re

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