Diversity & Inclusion

What SCOTUS’s Affirmative Action Decision Means for Corporate DEI

Prior to the Supreme Court’s recent bombshell decision on affirmative action, some predicted that a ruling to ban the practice would “take down” the diversity industry or deliver a “concussive” blow to workplace diversity and inclusion efforts. After the court effectively abolished race-conscious college admissions, some voices doubled down. The organization America First Legal —

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Book: Glass Walls: Shattering the Six Gender Bias Barriers Still Holding Women Back at Work

A new, important, and richly detailed guide to understanding gender bias with practical solutions for leaders, workplace allies, and individual women. Gender bias is a powerful but hidden force that is still holding women back, keeping them from achieving their full potential and limiting organizations from achieving the creativity, problem solving, and growth that are

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The Black Effect: Diversity as a Game Changer for Brands

The impact and influence of Black consumers is undeniable. From music, to sports, to fashion and culture; Black consumers dictate trends and determine what’s hot next. How do brands take advantage of the “Black effect” without exploiting Black people? Hear from the winners of the BECA Future Leaders competition on how to amplify the influence

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Where Religious Identity Fits into Your DEI Strategy

Many corporations shy away from such engagement out of a fear of legal entanglement, or a worry that it might open the floodgates to proselytization and disagreement. But including religion in your DEI efforts can create belonging among employees and help them better serve a wider range of customers. Here are seven best practices companies

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Women Owning It. Advertising & Marketing Leaders Forging Their Own Path

More and more leaders are innovating new ways forward within their organizations or starting their own successful businesses and consultancies. What does this mean for driving more authentic diversity and inclusion into marketing? Let’s meet the disrupters and innovative creatives who have pushed beyond the status quo, a growing trend, and what this might mean

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Creating Change: How Companies Are Improving Equity from the Ground Up

The business case for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is stronger than ever; however, the advertising industry is still lacking diversity up and down the ladder. Studies have shown that diverse companies are more likely to outperform their less diverse competitors. In this conversation, join industry experts as they discuss how companies can do their

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Wide Open [Safe] Spaces: Web3 and Inclusion

Diversity is vital for the survival of the metaverse. Without the voices of underserved communities in the Web3 conversations, it’ll become just another echo chamber. How is the tech community making sure whole groups of people won’t be othered, but encouraged and heard instead? In this conversation we’ll explore what Web3 will do differently to

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Diversity in the Creator Economy and Media’s Newest Platforms

As the world becomes more aware of the importance of authentic representation of diverse communities, it’s important to understand not only the changing composition of the population but also the way creators and audiences identify with the world around them. Consumers expect to see their racial/ethnic group authentically reflected in both society and entertainment. How

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Trans in Tech and Texas

Join us for an informative and enlightening session on “Trans in Tech and Texas” as we explore the challenges and opportunities facing the transgender community in the tech industry, in Texas and in the nation today. This session will bring together experts from the tech industry and the advocacy community to share their experiences and

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4 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Disability-Inclusion Practices

That mindset puts companies at a disadvantage when it comes to acquiring and leveraging the talent they need in today’s tight job market. How can a company update its thinking and strategies related to this neglected category of talent? There are four ways to make it happen.

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