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To Help Your Team Grow, Give Them Space to Struggle

When you see an employee struggling with a task you could do easily, it’s only natural to want to step in and help. But from the other side, this can feel more like micromanagement than support. When leaders over-function by keeping too much work for themselves, they allow those around them to under-function. How can

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Why Resilience is the Key to Great Leadership

The past three years have placed a significant strain on senior leaders, with many reporting high levels of burnout and feelings of inadequacy, with 63% of leaders saying they don’t make time for their personal well-being. Given the current work climate, today’s leaders need essential skills like resilience, confidence, compassion and fearlessness to forge ahead

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How Upskilling and Essential Skills Increase Growth, Development & Retention

This year, upskill training is a prominent retention strategy, one that shows an organization cares about growth, development and continuous learning. Additionally, essential skills like interpersonal communication, empathy, problem solving and collaboration are recognized as invaluable tools that set leaders apart. In this session we’ll hear lessons learned from leaders who have shifted their focus

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How Emotional Intelligence Helps Us Build Better Cultures – and Products

Emotional intelligence is a crucial — but often overlooked — aspect of leadership, impacting everything from retention to product development. In the modern and evolving workplace, it is vital that leaders embrace empathy, vulnerability, and compassion. In this conversation, we will discuss the leadership traits necessary to lead teams and develop game-changing products that improve

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