Innovations Impacting Equality

Women and Media Innovation: Female Leaders Meet the Challenge of Industry Change

Streaming has spurred media innovation at the speed of light. Driven by the pandemic, the adoption of CTV and podcasts has outpaced all expectations, and data fluency has joined negotiation capabilities as a required skill set. How do media professionals keep up? Through learning and training, hiring talent with varied expertise, creating blended philosophies of

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Reconstructing the Career Ladder for Women

Women lose the most ground at the first step up the ladder to manager. “You can’t be what you can’t see,” so, it’s important to show the world role models and what’s possible. Join us for a conversation with leaders as we discuss tangible solutions around repairing the career ladder for women

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Female Gamers Are on the Rise. These Women Are Helping the Industry Meet Them.

What does a gamer look like? Increasingly female, the research shows. Female gamers are a nuanced demographic, with varied motivations and interests in playing across the globe, as well as distinct challenges from their male counterparts. How is the industry rising to the occasion to create safe, joyful gaming experiences for their female users? In

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Seeing Her Authentically in Media, Design and Tech

In this discussion, we will hear from industry leaders about the importance of accurate portrayals of women and girls in media, design and tech. New research, real-life stories, and case studies demonstrate why inclusivity matters.

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