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Power of the Pack! Unpacking Pregnancy in the Workplace

Pregnancy can be a transformative experience that brings joy and excitement. But there are many challenges for those balancing work while expecting. Join us in an enlightening discussion where we delve into the realities of pregnancy disclosure, stereotypes, and workplace accommodations, exploring the barriers faced by expectant employees. Together we’ll discover empowering strategies to activate

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Why Are Women Still Doing the Lions Share of Family Care?

Around the world, women shoulder the majority of the mental and physical load when it comes to addressing health-related issues for their families, like fertility, mental health and caregiving of children, family members with chronic medical conditions or disabilities, and elders. Why, for so long, has this unpaid labor fallen on women? And how are

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Unpaid Labor: Are Men Willing to Share the Care at Home?

At an early age, men are taught that becoming a stable provider means prioritizing their careers over their personal lives. But what does it look like when men proactively choose to take a more active role in sharing household and caretaking responsibilities? In this discussion, men will share how they lean on their built networks

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Moving Beyond the “One Size Fits All” Mentality For Working Parents

Working parents are often thought of as one and the same, but parents of teenagers and parents of newborns experience vastly different (though equally challenging) realities. The pandemic and shift to remote work exposed the true strains on working parents, catalyzing companies to scrap their one-size-fits-all approach and help parents feel more supported, valued and

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The Opportunity When We Talk About Caregivers at Work

Over the last year, we’ve seen increased talk about how organizations can dismantle biases that disadvantage mothers and caregivers. But there are nuances to this demographic and to the ways that organizations can and should support them. In this conversation, we’ll uncover the blindspots that employers may have when it comes to providing for caregivers,

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Caring for Caregivers: Tech-Focused Solutions that Ease the Burden for Women

Whether you’re caring for elderly parents, a spouse, or children, the responsibility of unpaid caregiving largely falls on the shoulders of women – and working women can face added stress on the job and loss of income because of it. Tech tools such as robotics, apps, medicine and health trackers, motion sensors, and GPS can

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