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The Impact of the Media on Beauty and Hair in the Black Community

Black hair is the object of love, mystery, and discrimination. Through the years we have seen hairstyles evolve from afros to slick back, pin curls, bouncy and behaving, braids and curly twist updos – we are on an ongoing journey of discovery and understanding. Black hair continues to be depicted in advertising as magical, mystical,

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Stream Queens: Women Shaping the TV Streaming Landscape

Streaming is the new frontier of storytelling – and these leading ladies are pioneering the next generation of mainstream content, products, and brand experiences that showcase women’s voices. Join us as we discuss how women in streaming can empower a winning combination of content, data, and tech to help creators and brands alike tell better,

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The Power of Creativity as AI, NFTs and the Metaverse Transform Advertising

Brand-side and agency-side visionaries and technology experts Sophie Kelly (Diageo), Solange Claudio (Formerly Known As) and Avery Akkineni (Vayner3) will share examples and their vision for the future of generative AI, NFTs, the Metaverse, Web 3 and data in advertising. They will focus on how technology is transforming advertising creative to effectively reach and influence

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Seen & Unscripted: How AAPI Representation is Transforming the Big Screen

From recent films like Everything, Everywhere, All at Once to popular television series like Bling Empire, Asian representation is being widely celebrated and explored through storylines that push past barriers. Join us as we unpack the impact that this rise in AAPI storytelling has on Asian creators and the overall evolution of mainstream media.

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Imagine Reality: The Female Creators Introducing New Worlds in Animation

The world of animation is rich in color and dense in creativity. Many of our favorite animated projects were created and brought to life by Asian women who inspired a whole new level of imagination. In this session, we will explore the art of animation, its impact on storytelling, and how Asian women continue to

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Media/Advertising support diverse suppliers

The ANA and 4A’s published guidelines for brands and agencies on working with diverse suppliers in May 2022, and released a separate set of guidelines, this time for suppliers, in August. The report and guidelines have come as brands and agencies pledged to spend more on Black and minority-owned media over the past several years.

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Pass the Mic: Women in Entertainment

Join SXM Media for a conversation in partnership with The Female Quotient where we will Pass the Mic to female leaders in Entertainment. They’ll share the stories and advice that made them the kick-ass superstars they are today and how they will continue to inspire women on the rise.

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How the Streaming Boom Is Leveling the Playing Field For Advertisers

Mega-brands with large budgets historically dominated the traditional TV ad space. But, with the rise of Connected TV (CTV), brands of any size can gain a competitive edge in capturing consumer attention. In this conversation, hear from MNTN and The HoneyPot Company as they discuss how CTV not only lets challenger brands compete with blue-chips,

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