Is Representation Really A Growth Driver?

Inclusive representation in media and brand campaigns are the biggest trend at Cannes this year. Are inclusive campaigns just lip service and good PR or is there real brand growth and improved outcomes when creative teams are diverse (in front of and behind the camera)? Deloitte Digital Head of Strategy for Ethos, Kristin Hooper and

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Research: Being Funny Can Pay Off More for Women Than Men

The stereotype that “women aren’t funny” pervades pop culture. But is it true? The authors analyzed more than 2,400 TED and TEDx talks, as well as more than 200 startup pitches, and found that female speakers who used more humor were more popular and perceived as more influential and inspiring than both less-funny women and

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Workplace Loneliness: The Force Holding Women Back as They Rise

Provocative new research from, Berlin Cameron and Benenson Strategy Group reveals that we’re facing a workplace wellness crisis that is sabotaging women’s success: Loneliness. Please join our panel of experts and business leaders as we unpack the problem and look ahead to solutions to shore up the support women need to succeed and thrive.

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When Men Dominate Startups, Women Take A Pass

According To New Research. Women are caught in a “vicious cycle” of underrepresentation in startups, according to new research. If the earliest hiring decisions at a new company exclude women, which they often do, then the organization will have difficulty attracting female talent in the future. As a result, entrepreneurial companies that start with gender

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The Resilient Leader: New Research Highlights the Power of Resilience

Resilience, defined as the ability to prepare for and adapt to changing conditions and to withstand and recover from disruptions, is essential for living a sustainable, fulfilling life. What does resilience look like in the modern leader? How is it powering the way leaders interact with others, with technology, and with themselves? And, how does

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