Leadership Development

Unpacking Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is a critical component of effective leadership, but according to a recent study on EQ, it has been in decline since the start of the pandemic. Why, during a time when we need to increase our commitment to emotional intelligence, are we seeing it in freefall? Join us as we unpack how

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How the Best Leadership Teams Navigate Uncertain Times

Whether it’s inflation, rising interest rates, supply-chain disruptions, geopolitical tensions — there is a lot happening in the global economy. There’s never been a more challenging time to be a CEO or member of senior management.

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What Talents Will Tomorrow’s CMO Need?

As the CMO’s role expands into increasingly complex aspects of the business, how are collaborations and connections helping increase CMO influence and drive innovation across C-suite roles from CIO to CFO to COO and more? Deloitte Board Chair Janet Foutty and Deloitte Chief Marketing Officer Suzanne Kounkel will share recent research about the CMO’s evolving

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Why Leadership Training Isn’t Just a “Women’s Thing”

Leadership development programs have been a highly-invested tool for companies to equip women executives and managers with skills to lead their teams. However, many women leaders can feel stunted applying these skills in male-dominated organizations, while programs designed for women without men risk becoming echo chambers. It’s time both men and women participate in leadership

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Women Who Reach Results: Behind the Data that Drives Successful Teams

The backbone of any creative message is driven by high-performing teams that reach audiences across platforms. We also know that teams who have more women in leadership get a return on equality, directly improving their overall performance. How can we increasingly generate more successful teams that produce real results? In this conversation, we will strategize

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CEOs, Step into the Front Lines or Risk Losing Touch

Leading change is both a top-down process and a bottom-up process. The goal is to educate and energize colleagues at every level, especially those on the front lines, about the power of your plans, and to be educated and energized by the pragmatic wisdom of their experiences. Change programs work when they shape the behaviors

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The Promotion Pathway: Advancing Asian Women to C-Suite Leadership

Companies continue to actively restructure their leadership teams through an inclusive lens. However, research shows that Asian Americans are the least likely to be promoted to management positions, with this gap even steeper for Asian women. How do we ensure Asian women are included in this leadership narrative? We will discuss proactive ways to close

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How to Equip Your Team to Problem Solve Without You.

Many individuals leading highly sophisticated teams for the first time need help to figure out the balance between supporting their teams and delegating effectively. The authors present several key mental shifts umbrella managers should make to move from protecting their employees to supporting them.

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Leading With Empathy During Unstable Times

As sources predict an impending recession, companies are responding to financial stress with a wave of employee layoffs, which can leave remaining employees with a feeling of “survivor’s guilt”. In these uncertain times, leaders have a responsibility to support colleagues and lead by example. In this conversation, we’ll explore strategies for how leaders can uplift

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