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Whether two days or two weeks, mid- and late-career employees say they appreciate time off tailored to their age and stage of life

Companies are rolling out special paid time off for new grandparents, hoping the move will keep older workers from retiring or moving to another employer. So-called grandternity leave is rare. Tech company Cisco, consulting firm Mercer and hiring platform HireVue are among the handful of companies that offer it. The time off can range from

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More Workers Take Parental Leave as States, Employers Expand Eligibility

But the main factor appears to be government and employer policies. While the U.S. remains the only advanced economy without nationally mandated paid parental leave, the share of workers with access to leave is growing, to 25% in March last year versus 19% in 2019, according to the Labor Department. Seven states plus the District

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Does It Make Sense To Delay Motherhood For Your Career?

According to the survey, relationships, lifestyle, and finances were major considerations that impacted women’s decisions. By waiting to enter motherhood after 35, 93% of women indicated they accomplished goals related to lifestyle or finances. Forty-four percent identified finances and 36% their career goals as top reasons for waiting until later in life to become a

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Senior Women Should Seize Power Later In Careers, AARP Head Says

Ageism. Despite the successes of the women on the list, age discrimination remains a serious problem. One AARP study found age discrimination against Americans over 50 cost the U.S. economy $850 billion in 2018. That leaves substantial untapped potential. The report estimates “the potential economic contribution of the 50-plus age cohort could increase by $3.9

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Challenging the Status Quo: Why Women Are Embracing Rewirement Over Retirement

Gone are the days of turning 65 and stopping work altogether, especially as people live longer, healthier lives. With longer career trajectories and more ways for seasoned professionals to diversify their options later in life, many women are shifting to a rewirement mindset and changing how they think about work and longevity. Join us as

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Taking Care: Why Supporting Women’s Health in the Workplace is Essential

In this post-Roe, post-pandemic era, women’s healthcare is top of mind for many employers who are looking to meet the needs of their employees at every stage of their healthcare journey, from menstrual health and abortion care to parental leave and menopause. At the same time, in addition to working from home, many women are

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