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Women are held back at work due to 30 biases out of their control, says new study: ‘They were never quite right’

Gender bias and discrimination have held women back in the workplace for generations, but new research indicates gender-based judgments barely scratch the surface of ways professional women are criticized throughout their careers. In a recent study of 913 women who answered open-ended questions, researchers found 30 common personality traits and identity-based characteristics that women say

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Watch Out for These 3 Gender Biases in Performance Reviews

Because women continue to bear most of the burdens of caregiving, many have benefitted from the flexibility of hybrid and remote work, which has allowed them to remain part of the full-time workforce while spending more time at home. In theory, this is good news, because full-time employees tend to be promoted more often and

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Check Your Bias: How AI Is Forcing Us to Face Ourselves

Artificial Intelligence is among recent emerging technologies that are rising in popularity and providing us with the opportunity to create in new, innovative ways, especially in the advertising and marketing industries. However, as AI is a reflection of our own digital habits and patterns of thinking, many are fearful of the potential gaps in identifying

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Seen & Unscripted: How AAPI Representation is Transforming the Big Screen

From recent films like Everything, Everywhere, All at Once to popular television series like Bling Empire, Asian representation is being widely celebrated and explored through storylines that push past barriers. Join us as we unpack the impact that this rise in AAPI storytelling has on Asian creators and the overall evolution of mainstream media.

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How Colorism Affects Women at Work

The Catalyst report found that 67% of women from marginalized racial and ethnic groups who work in a “climate of silence” — i.e., “an environment where employees feel restrained from constructively speaking up about organizational or work-related problems, concerns, or challenges” — experience racism at work, compared with 46% of those who work in more

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The Next Step in Tech: Representation that Builds Innovation

Technology is continuously breaking new ground and creating possibilities for how we engage with each other and the world around us. As we design new technological experiences, it’s more important than ever to have diverse voices at the center of shaping this digital playground. Join us as we discuss how we can responsibly construct the

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