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DEI & Dollars – How Diverse Communities & Media Properties Are Critical to Increasing Brand Market Share

There have been discussions in the industry about the need for brands to increase their spend across diverse and multicultural media. Yet, the results have been scattershot. What will it take to get marketers to appropriately focus on these audiences and redirect media allocations? New consumer research tapping into Black, Hispanic/Latine, AAPI and LGBTQIA+ communities

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Women and Wealth: Moving Forward on Financial Inclusion for US Women

Type “financial inclusion for women” in your browser of choice, and you’ll get results that include numerous articles about how various organizations are helping women establish financial independence in generally third-world countries. But what’s happening in the United States? Is the situation not as dire as in developing nations or is it hidden in plain

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For Female Founders, Fundraising Only from Female VCs Comes at a Cost

According to recent reports, women-led startups receive less than 3% of all VC investments.In response, many leaders have advocated for getting women more involved in venture financing, since studies have shown that female investors are more likely than their male counterparts to invest in female founders. However, the authors’ new research suggests that support from

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Financially Found: Why Women are at the Heart of Strengthening Our Impact Economy

Women’s purchasing power and economic influence is rapidly increasing, which means they continue to play a critical role in expanding our economy. As women tend to invest with an impact lens, they are at the center of structuring our economic foundation and mobilizing capital through this mindset. Join us as we discuss how we can

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