LGBTQ+ Media Advocacy

Welcome to the Modern Guide to Equality™ — The Female Quotient’s playbook for conscious leaders who want to advance equality in the workplace and the world.
Let’s start by putting this conversation into context: Over the past year and counting, we’ve seen more and more companies – of all sizes – “come out” as allies to minorities and other underrepresented groups across the United States. They’ve made sweeping commitments to achieving racial equity, and broadening their understanding of gender diversity, internally. And, brands including Dove and Netflix have called for broader representation in media — with Unilever even removing the word “normal” from its personal care products and advertising — in an effort to end “othering” in the media, with a goal of challenging social prejudices and increasing empathy and understanding.

As we move forward into an increasingly more fluid world, what role should companies continue to play when it comes to shifting the perception and representation of the LGBTQ+ community in particular?

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