6 Innovations That Are Making Women’s Lives Better in the Workplace and Beyond

Today’s newest wave of technological innovation is all about creating scalable solutions that make our lives easier and promoting mental, societal and cultural well-being. This couldn’t be more important for women and caregivers, millions of whom have left the workforce since the start of the pandemic and continue to face gender-based barriers in their career. 

At this year’s virtual Equality Lounge® at CES, The Female Quotient was thrilled to convene topic experts and leaders to discuss the latest devices that are helping women thrive in their careers and in their lives. “We cannot understate the importance of innovation that has women’s health at the forefront and the new types of devices, whether through brain interface or voice interface, that are designed for women, by women,” said Joanna Peña-Bickley, Head of Research & Design at HumanFX at the virtual Equality Lounge.™

Below, a recap of some of the innovations that are improving women’s lives in the workplace and beyond:

1. Diana

FemTech, which focuses on female health, is a $22 billion industry that is growing at a 15% rate. WholeBare, the company that created the Diana, is one thriving FemTech company that uses software and science to unlock the future of women’s health. The Diana is the company’s proven, proprietary design that utilizes vibrations to relieve menstrual cramps. Over time the device’s AI will work to predict users’ cramps and alleviate them. “We are utilizing software and science to advance women’s health. The unique way we are doing it is we are listening to women and women’s voices,” said Tabitha Holbért, founder of WholeBare. 

2. Lifepro

Due to differences in anatomy, women are prone to certain injuries that can affect their ability to work. Lifepro’s Sonic Mini Quiet Massage Gun is a massage gun designed with women in mind to alleviate the everyday pain that holds them back.

“Massage guns are not just for athletes. They are for everyone,” said Jennifer Fields, Deputy Editor at POPSUGAR. “Women tend to carry around a lot of pain, especially moms.” 

“Massage guns have been a helpful tool in my overall wellness and have helped me show up and function during the day,” she added. 

3. Elvie 

Breastfeeding is a taboo topic that often hinders women in the workplace. Elvie is a silent, wearable electric breast pump that allows women to confidently collect breast milk no matter where they are — on-the-go or at their desk. Controlled through your phone, Elvie Pump is a wire-free, hands-free and hassle-free device that discreetly slips inside user’s bras.

“Companies like Elvie are creating technology that is debunking the myth that women are birthing machines or pleasure machines and instead makes breastfeeding a part of everyday life,” Holbért said. 

3. Asleep

No one can bring their best self to work if they have not gotten a good night’s rest. Asleep utilizes artificial intelligence to accurately determine sleep stages through contactless breathing and movement tracing. “It’s an exciting time for human-machine integration where devices are built with better intent,” Peña-Bickley said. “Asleep is an example of one such company that uses sleep assistance to help with anxiety and is all about personalizing your sleep habits.”

4. Flexable

Almost 1.4 million fewer moms of school-aged children were actively working in 2021 than the year prior. Working moms can now work from home undisturbed thanks to Flexable’s technology that pairs children with caregivers, aka Flexable hosts, over video chat. From anywhere around the country, Flexable hosts log on for virtual babysitting sessions for children ages 3 -10. Flexable hosts can help children complete their homework or keep them entertained through activities like magic or crafts. 

“By offering virtual babysitting options, we hope to help working parents take back more of their time while their kids learn and have fun!” said Priya Amin, CEO and cofounder of Flexable. 

5. Otter

Otter is a speech-to-text AI company that makes information from voice conversations accessible and actionable. Technology like Otter makes working parents’ lives easier by giving them the flexibility to access information from virtual meetings at any time. An accommodation originally introduced for employees with disabilities, Otter helps record meetings and create transcripts that are accessible at any time. 

What technology is helping you in the workplace and creating more flexibility?

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